SetteBello translates to “The Beautiful Seven”, a number intimately connected with new opportunities, completeness and perfection. Several inspirations behind the name include the simple coincidence of our address: 7 Marais Road situated in the City of Gold, which coincides with the gold coin of our logo; it’s a prevalent number in nature, be it the 7 notes in music that change any mood or the 7 colours in a rainbow which reflects hope and the promise of good things to come. SetteBello is also a playing card in an Italian card game called "Scopa" and is the luckiest card in the pack. "Bello" means beautiful and we are all about the beautiful things life has to offer! The team at SetteBello have lovingly created a relaxed atmosphere with a contemporary, modern home setting, where sitting down for a meal will feel like you are embarking on a journey to an Italian Nonna’s kitchen - a place full of laughter, joy and authentic Italian culture. Quite simply, SetteBello is about the simple passion for enjoyable food, making memorable moments with family and friends and living "la dolcevita"! 

"The Bellos" of Settebello - Pino & Miro 

Settebello is the combined vision of two friends and their shared passion for great food (and good fun!) 


Pino and Miro would like to welcome you to Settebello - a creation of their own and a place that they want people to call their second home.


Food is always better when shared with loved ones and friends. Nothing makes them happier than seeing a myriad of different generations pass through their doors making lifelong, happy memories. 

Settebello is more than just a restaurant. It's about Pizza. Celebrations & Love. 

Benvenuti amici.