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SetteBello, meaning "The Beautiful Seven" in Italian, is more than just a name—it embodies the essence of new opportunities, completeness, and perfection. Our inspiration stems from various sources, starting with the serendipity of our address at 7 Marais Road in the City of Gold, mirrored by the golden coin in our logo. The significance of the number seven extends into nature, resonating through the seven notes in music, capable of transforming any mood, and the seven colors in a rainbow, symbolizing hope and the promise of good things to come. In addition to its numeric significance, SetteBello holds a special place in the world of Italian card games, particularly in "Scopa," where it represents the luckiest card in the deck. "Bello," meaning beautiful, encapsulates our commitment to celebrating the beauty in every aspect of life. At SetteBello, our dedicated team has curated a welcoming ambiance within a contemporary, modern home setting. Here, indulging in a meal feels akin to embarking on a journey to an Italian Nonna's kitchen—a space filled with laughter, joy, and authentic Italian culture. Simply put, SetteBello is a testament to our unwavering passion for delectable food, the creation of memorable moments with family and friends, and the embrace of "la dolce vita" or the sweet life!

"The Bellos" of Settebello - Pino & Miro 

Settebello is the combined vision of two friends and their shared passion for great food (and good fun!) 


Pino and Miro extend a warm welcome to Settebello, a labour of love and a space they envision as your second home. They believe that food is at its finest when shared with cherished loved ones and friends. Witnessing a diverse range of generations walk through their doors, creating enduring, joyous memories, brings them unparalleled happiness. 


Settebello transcends the conventional definition of a restaurant; it is an embodiment of pizza, celebrations, and love.

Benvenuti amici—welcome, friends. 

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