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Authentic Italian, family owned restaurant, offering the best Neapolitan pizza in Jozi! 

Pizza. Celebrations. Family. Love. 


Settebello, a culinary haven founded by Pino and Miro, welcomes guests with open arms, aspiring to be more than just a restaurant—it is a second home where the joy of sharing food with loved ones creates lasting memories for generations. The heart of Settebello lies in its celebration of Neapolitan Pizza, a timeless embodiment of Italian heritage. Trained by the Pizza School of Naples, our skilled chefs take immense pride in the daily preparation of top-quality ingredients, from a meticulously crafted dough featuring only four components to the artisanal "white gold" mozzarella and signature sauce made from Italian tomatoes. Baked to perfection in our wood-fired oven at nearly 400 degrees, the result is a bread-flavoured crust that encapsulates the true flavours of Neapolitan pizza, inviting patrons to experience the magic of Italy with every delectable bite.

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Celebrate life's special moments at Settebello, where every occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to baby showers and weddings, is transformed into an unforgettable festa. Our versatile venues, located between the Italian Club and Settebello, cater to a range of events. Whether you prefer an intimate indoor setting, a spacious venue for lively celebrations, or an outdoor space for a more relaxed atmosphere, we have options to suit every taste. At Settebello, we go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each event is a personalized and memorable experience. Whether you crave a pop, fizz, and clink for a toast or desire a unique theme for your celebration, we promise to tailor every detail to your budget and specific requirements. Let us make your special day extraordinary with our commitment to creating joyful moments that linger in your memories.


Settebello stands as a genuine and vibrant Italian restaurant, embodying a philosophy centred around uniting friends, family, and loved ones over delectable, home-cooked style cuisine. Rooted in an informal setting infused with love and laughter, our chefs, either Italian-born or trained by culinary experts from Italy, are true masters of authentic Italian cuisine. Our unwavering commitment to quality shines through in our insistence on using only the finest ingredients, ensuring that our passion for food is experienced with every delightful bite. Indulge in a culinary journey at Settebello, where our menu boasts a range of offerings, from signature pizzas and creamy pastas to savoury steaks, seafood grills, and freshly made gelato. Anticipate leaving with a full stomach and a contented soul.

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